Thijs Vogels

Math & Computer Science Student

Freelance Web Developer

Hi! I am a math & computer science student and freelance web developer specialized in data processing and statistics. I make data-driven business processes more efficient and accessible through the web.


My research interests are quite broad. I mostly work on the border of Computer Science and Mathematics.

3D Reconstruction

As an Independent Research Project at UCR, I implemented algorithms that automatically reconstruct a 3D-scene from two images. The project was supervised by Richard van den Doel.

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Semantic Web Search

In coorperation with the HZ University of Applied Sciences, I work on hybrid search methods that combine traditional full-text search with added semantic relations. My algorithms will be implemented in a Water Security knowledge database.

Computational Geometry

With Henk Meijer, I currently work on a series of problems robotic motion planning problems. We investigate worst-case scenarios for routes taken by blind robots.


University College Roosevelt

During my Bachelor at UCR, I obtain a broad basis in mathematics, physics and computer science. As a minor, I take courses in statistics and econometrics.

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Independent Education

I took courses in linear algebra (MIT), natural language processing (Stanford), functional programming & reactive programming principles (EPF Lausanne) and iOS application development (Stanford).

International Mathematical Olympiad

I received intensive training for the IMO, including several training weeks, weekends and weekly problem sets. Topics included geometry, number theory, functional equations, inequalities and combinatorics.

If you would like to read more about my education and courses, please read my resume.

Web Development

Easy Collaboration

The Internet is the perfect medium for many applications, since anyone can access them from anywhere. I make websites and applications which contents can be managed by the users themselves. No intervention needed.

Speed Up Daily Tasks

Many day to day tasks depend on collecting data from people and require the input of different users. With a web interface and a suitable management app, these tasks can often be automated. Use your time for fun things!

Optimize for Google

Google’s goal is to present their users with the best possible content. I guide my customers to write content that Google considers useful and to make the content optimally accessible to search engines like Google.

Extensive Analytics

Extensive analytics help to identify weak spots in your website’s content or structure. How long do users spend on your pages? What do they search for? The analytics help you to increase sales and make your customers happier.

Get Social

Social Media like Facebook or LinkedIn are an important tool in the marketing of many modern websites. People like to share the things they love. If they like your site, they should be able to share it.

Mobile First

These days, mobile phones and tablets are an increasing market. I build websites that are especially optimized for these devices. Try visiting this site on your phone to see how that works out in practise.

I’ve worked for

Peel & Maas Electronics
Theater De Eendracht
Bread & Things
Protekta BirdControl
Protekta Dazenval
Roosevelt College Choir
TNO Quality of Life
Something Els
Eb en Vloed Coaching
WOZ Deskundigen
BIC Design
Kunstmarkt Gemert
Myranda Totaal Cosmetiek
Café Midnight
Krol Konsult
Ecopreneur Card
2day Music
Benelux Mathematical Olympiad
Stas Communicatie & Ontwerp
Marc van den Munckhof
Musica Zelandica

Contact Me

If you have any questions about my research, my business or if you want to hire me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I can be reached by phone at +41 (76) 233 2009 or by email at

Other info you might be looking for: I live in Zürich (Switzerland). My Dutch KvK number is 55555012.